Work started on developing new trails at KLoop on Oct 1.  Funding from PNCC, Eastern and Central Community Trust and Manawatu Mountain Bike Club will allow 4-5 weeks digger hire. Nearly $20,000 will be invested in trails this year and we plan to continue that level of investment for another 2 years at least. Weather, terrain and logging debris all combine to help or hinder progress, but our goal is to get the maximum distance of trail, while maintaining quality and that fun factor. At this stage trails are costing around $4000 per km, which compares favourably with costs from Rotorua and other areas.  That of course does not include the priceless contribution of many volunteers.

Progress to date has been pleasing with 3km of trail being roughly cut by the digger in the first 3 weeks.  Weather slowed progress over the last week, but with fine weather forecast for the weekend, we plan to shape and finish much of the trail cut. All are welcome on Sunday 20th October - meet at 1pm at the container.  Bring a spade or shovel if you can, but the club now has a number of tools stored in the container just off Arapuke Rd, if you want to combine a ride up Back Track with the working bee.

Feedback on on the first trail (called About Time for now) that roughly reverse the old Summit and About Time trails, has been very positive. A flowing mainly downhill trail, starts 500m up Arapuke Rd, from the ZigZag Rd intersection and flows across the south face of the hill down to the creek at the bottom to connect with Jack Frost.  The second trail (Rocky - working title) is almost complete and this descends down the ridge on which the new container sits to a rocky knoll and then climbs back up to join the top of Jack Frost, which has had a short extension added, so both these trails finish just across the road from Jack Frost. A link trail will go across the top to connect Jack Frost with the top of Rocky.  This point is a node with 5 trails close by. The photo below is taken from Rocky looking down on the About Time trail running from left to right. We are asking for trail name suggestions on facebook.  We have enough Jack ... trails, so get creative.

Planned for the next 2-3 weeks are an extension to Jack Be Nimble to connect to the start of Jack and the Beanstalk, clearing and extending the Downhill track to the treeline and a 2km loop in the Far East block, right along Arapuke Rd past the highest point. Its worth taking a ride up there to take a look as there is more area out that way than there is in the About Time area. You will get a work out as its a 100m climb from the ZigZag Rd intersection to the highest point in the park.