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Limited access to K-Loop Trails

posted Mar 20, 2011, 4:43 PM by Manawatu MTBClub
Due to logging access to trails is limited and may involve som bush bashing to find some.

Logging has taken place from Grunter across to Ewok and access to trails descending to the switchbacks is difficult at present.  It is hoped that felled logs will be cleared this week and access to the start of Ewok can be re-established.

Nats, Short and Sweet, Grunter, Farside, Murrays and Ewok have all been disturbed to some extent. 

Unless you know your way around K-Loop pretty well, an up and back ride along Back Track may be the best option.  If you want a longer ride, then up Back track and out Scott's Rd to the end of the gravel and back again is a great training ride.

The attached map shows the approximate area that has been logged so far. Give me a call on 06 359 4472 if you need further info.

Bill Russell
Manawatu MTBClub,
Mar 20, 2011, 6:40 PM