The count down to the Santoft Sizzler has started with the first entries received.
The Santoft Working Bee held on Sunday May 9th, has spruced up all the tracks to be used in the Santoft Sizzler Relay race and also the first two Winter Series rounds (see the calendar). 
Rain forecast for later this week is badly needed.  The tracks are very dry and soft in places.  A good dousing is required.
The track is an open flowing 6km loop that is quite different from previous courses, some short cuts have been made to link together tracks with short road sections, so passing areas on the road sections come up pretty often.
A new track for the Mountain Mites has been constructed, which means the Mites finally have a course to themselves.  There are cones at the entrance to the first road on the left to show the way. At present it is pretty soft, but more wheels across it sho uld soon compact it. We will be asking everyone to ride this 1.2km loop as a warm up loop, prior to the race, to help out the younger ones in their race. This loop joins the main course for timing at the car park, so you need to look out for the young ones joining just beside the water tanks.
Looking forward to seeing everyone, fit and raring to go at the first Winter Series this coming Sunday, May 16th