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Trail Filters

posted Jan 12, 2014, 11:38 PM by Manawatu MTBClub
Filters are a technical feature at the beginning of a trail to give you an indication what is to come. If you can't ride the first one chances are you may not be ready for what is to come on that trail. 
The new 'Rocky' trail (below the container) at Arapuke is one such trail which is intended to be Grade 4 – for Advanced Riders. We are not planning to build gap jumps, but there will be technical sections that require extra skill and care. Riders should also note that it is a “work in progress” so expect the track features to change week by week as the trail crew develops the trail. The trail is riding well and all the berms are shaped and ready to ride. They will still be a bit soft in places however. We are going to continue to add more rock features to give this trail a different “rocky” feel to many other trails in the park. Enjoy. Trail Crew.