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Weather damages tracks

posted Sep 13, 2010, 3:59 PM by Manawatu MTBClub
The recent wet weather has caused some damage to tracks in the region.

The rain even affected Santoft with the creek washing away a part of the track along Rambling On.  This has been re-routed.  The bridge with the blue carpet across the creek has also slumped and is no longer flat.  This has been checked and appears safe.  The bridge will be strengthened this coming weekend.  Take care when crossing and only one bike at a time until it can be properly assessed and strengthened.

Take care on the road out to K-Loop as the road is badly damaged after the reserve.  Back Track is in good condition and the recent digger work has ensured the track has stayed dry.  While muddy in places, there is a hard rock base that gives good traction.  There are trees across the track up near Scott's Rd from recent logging.  PNCC has said these will be removed this week.

Green's Rd has a few slips with one major one just past the gate on the Greens Rd (southern) end.  Take care when using this road as a walker was recently badly hurt in a collision with a bike. Control your speed so you can always stop in the distance you can see in front.

The Bridle Track has also sustained storm damage in many places.  The walkway has almost disappeared at the southern end of Dittmar Drive. If you like technical rock riding its really fun! There are a number of trees down beside the river on the single track in Paneri Park.