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Wind Damage at Kloop

posted May 14, 2011, 7:46 PM by Manawatu MTBClub
After a quick inspection trip, we would recommend that you don't ride About Time or Ewok.  There is significant windfall completely blocking Summit and About Time at the top and the area is unsafe.  We were unable to walk down from the top.  There would be 100-200 trees down in this area and with a number of trees leaning.  

Ewok is very difficult to find the start, but this has also experienced significant windfall down the ridge, with trees toppled and the tops of many trees blown out. 

At this stage the only real trail is to go up Back track and up the forestry road to the Y intersection and take the new forestry road down.  Once you get into the forest again we have realigned the XC track so it follows a cool bit of DH track (thanks Tyler) until you reach the clearing with the jumps.  The final descent down through the drops (KIssing Rock etc) has been cleared and the final switch backs have been graded so the last bit down to the bridge is fast and smooth.

We will work on a way down through FarSide in a few weeks time after the first Santoft race.  A new forestry road goes down the ridge and a bit of chainsaw work is required to access the remaining trail.  This should provide a more challenging trail to use over this winter. 

Bill Russell
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