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Manawatu Gorge

Manawatu Gorge Trail
Te Ara o Mahurangi is currently closed due to maintenance (as at 28 June 2017)
The Manawatu Mountain Bike Club have been working with DOC and other Manawatu Gorge Biodiversity Project partners for over 6 years, to plan and fund a mountain bike trail through the Manawatu Gorge Scenic Reserve. In November 2014, Te Ara o Mahurangi trail was opened at Gorge Rd, Woodville.
Te Ara o Mahurangi is the first stage of developments to build a trail completely through the Manawatu Gorge.  This development is a trial to prove there is sufficient interest in mountain bike trails to justify the investment in a trail the whole way through. Riding Te Ara o Mahurangi will provide solid evidence to funders that a demand exists.

How to get there:

The future:
The plan is for a trail from the Gorge Car Park, Ashhurst to the Bridge Cafe, Gorge Rd, Woodville. It will climb from 60m above sea level to 395m with views of the Manawatu, Tararua Windfarm and Manawatu Gorge. The proposed trail will be a shared-use trail for walkers, runners and mountain bikers. The route keeps to the south, away from the existing walking track and stays closer to the Tararua Windfarm before descending down to the Woodville side.  The trail takes a more gradual descent by travelling up the major gully towards Hall Block Rd, before descending to Gorge Rd.  Gradients have been a major consideration to ensure the trail is rideable in both directions. Trail gradient has been worked to keep average gradient to around 5% over the 25km length.