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The area of Santoft Forest, which the club has an opened permit for mountain biking is at the very end of Raumai Road, Bulls. This area is open to all MMBC or Wanganui Mountain Bike Club members for casual mountain bike riding, after 4.00pm week days and anytime during weekends and public holidays.

The club have been developing trails in the 90ha forest since Nov. 2013. Some 12 km of single track have so far been developed. The main loop is sign posted with white marker pegs with trail names on them in purple, (see photo). There are several splits marked LONG and SHORT. The complete Long loop is 12km and Short loop approx. 8.0 km in length. More trails are being added, so a map is to be produced soon.

There is also a kids loop track named MITES. This fun 1.2 km trail is on reasonably flat terrain, just to the left of the car park area. It’s an ideal safe track for younger ones and beginners.
Trails are grade 2+, with moderate ascending / descending.

  • Please park clear of the gates into the forest and adjacent paddock.
  • No litter please.
  • No smoking.
  • Please do not change or alter trails.
  • No motor bikes.
  • Please do not damage trees or fences.